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Hemp Building Company is an eco-friendly material supply, insulation and contracting company. Our goal is to provide a sustainable alternative to the current methods of construction with natural building materials. We started working with Hempcrete in 2017, developing cost effective formulas and methods for Hempcrete installation. We have experimented with all the primary methods of using Hempcrete, including cast in place, spray application and prefabricated blocks and panels. After we insulate the buildings with Hempcrete, we apply a Hemp-Lime plaster to create a permeable finish on the walls. We are focused on building out the American supply chain to bring the highest quality materials to builders at the lowest price point possible.


Hemp, Lime and Water

 Hempcrete is a Biocomposite made from hemp fiber mixed with a mineral binder and water. The generic term for hempcrete is “Bonded cellulose insulation” and it is used as an alternative for concrete and traditional architectural/building insulation. Hempcrete insulation can be installed in ceilings, floors, roofs and walls. Hempcrete is light and easy to work with, allowing it to be easily applied through many different methods including: cast in place, spray application, or prefabricated into bricks and panels. Hempcrete is a vapor permeable material that naturally regulates temperature and humidity. 

Hempcrete Workshop
Nov 06, 10:00 AM

Why Build With Hemp?


Hempcrete is a non-toxic building material choice for both people and the environment. Naturally mold/mildew resistant when used as a building material, and a bioremediator that sequesters carbon during cultivation.


Hempcrete is a dynamic alternative 
insulation material, it has an R-value of ~2.4/inch and a high level of thermal mass.  Hempcrete is a permeable  material that naturally regulates moisture and temperature.


Hempcrete is a carbon beneficial material.  Hemp can sequester ~18,000 lbs of carbon/acre during its growth cycle.  When mixed with a lime binder it creates a non-toxic, long lasting, recyclable material with a wide range of uses.

Safe and Sound

Hempcrete is considered a non combustible and fireproof material. Using Hempcrete in your home can decrease your exposure to harmful VOCs, while also able to provide an acoustically pleasing environment.

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