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We Now Offer Hemplime Blocks!

Please visit our Materials Page to see an array of new products including hemplime blocks, lime renders and other building materials.

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Hemp Building Company is an ecologically oriented construction company dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of our living spaces. We provide a sustainable alternative to conventional construction practices using hemplime, an insulation material made from the core fiber of a hemp stalk and lime stone. We began working with hemplime in 2017, developing cost effective solutions for hemplime installation. Our team has experience with all of the primary hemplime installation methods including cast in-situ, spray cast and hemplime blocks and panels.

Hemp Building Company provides materials, installation, plastering, consultation services, and educational workshops. Inquire with us today to see how we can assist on your project.


Hemplime is a biocomposite made from the core fiber of a hemp stalk mixed with a mineral binder and water. It is a vapor permeable material that naturally regulates temperature and humidity. 

As an alternative for traditional architectural insulation and/or cladding, hemplime can be installed in ceilings, floors, roofs and walls. It is light and easy to work with, allowing it to be applied through many different methods. A lime, clay or gypsum finish is usually applied to the interior and a lime render for the exterior however various sidings may also be installed. It can be used in renovations and to insulate concrete, brick or stone walls.


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