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Hemp Building Company is an ecologically oriented construction company dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of our living spaces. We provide a sustainable alternative to conventional construction practices using hempcrete or hemplime, an insulation material made from the core fiber of a hemp stalk and lime stone. We began working with Hemplime in 2017, developing cost effective solutions for hemplime installation. Our team has experience with all of the primary hemplime installation methods including cast in-situ, spray cast and hemplime blocks.

Hemp Building Company supplies the tools and materials used for building with hemplime. Developed by Hemp Ecosystems, our binder composition has been utilized in hemplime construction since 2014 with over 50,000 cubic meters installed worldwide. Hemp Building Company is an exclusive HES distributor in North America. We strive to offer all natural non-cementitious solutions for long lasting, durable and affordable hemplime systems.


Hemp, Lime and Water

 Hemplime is a biocomposite made from hemp fiber mixed with a mineral binder and water. The generic term for hemplime is “bonded cellulose insulation” and can be used as an alternative for concrete and traditional architectural insulation. Hemplime can be installed in ceilings, floors, roofs and walls. It is light and easy to work with, allowing it to be applied through many different methods. Hemplime is a vapor permeable material that naturally regulates temperature and humidity.

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We are now offering new hempcrete building materials. please inquire for assistance calculating materials needed and bulk inquiries.