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Hemplime Blocks

Hemplime Blocks

Hemplime Block is a unique material that combines insulation andthermal mass properties. It is composed of hemp shiv (certified CenC),hydrated lime and probiotics. Respecting the principles of social and environmental sustainability, it has all the characteristics required of a building material in line with sustainable development: high insulating capacity, low embodied energy and the ability to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.

Hemplime blocks, combined with supporting structures made of wood, steel or concrete, can be employed for different structural or thermal purposes in residential or commercial construction. Brickwork made from hemplime blocks does not require drywall, insulation panels or vapor barriers.


  • Building up new perimeter walls
  • Carrying out lightened and insulated bio-slabs
  • Recovery building: renovations and restorations
  • Interventions of thermal insulation for existing buildings


  • We offer hemplime blocks in a variety of sizes
  • Please review the product catalog and price sheet for product information
  • Contact us below for purchasing information

*Shipping billed separately

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