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Venezia Hemp & Lime Render

Venezia Hemp & Lime Render


Venezia Hemp & Lime Render is a natural and highly breathable thermal plaster composed solely of Canapulo Fine, Natural Lime Plaster and Symbiotic Microorganisms. The total absence of hydraulic binders and mineral aggregates in addition to the high cellulose component maximises the breathability of the masonry and makes Venezia Hemp & Lime Render the ideal solution for restoring masonry even in presence of rising damp and efflorescence of salts. With high energy efficiency, it is an excellent humidity regulator on new and existing walls, guarantees maximum healthiness and significantly improves the comfort of the living spaces.


Ready-to-use product to be applied manually. Before application, remove the existing damaged plaster and make sure that the substrate is free of friable parts. Apply a first coat of Venezia Hemp & Lime Render as a rough coat on the masonry and then apply several coats to reach the desired thickness, smooth and trowel. Venezia Hemp & Lime Render can be finished by lea-ving the fine hemp shiv exposed (material finish) or coated with ‘Natural Breathable setting coat’ or a skim coat of lime and sand.


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