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Probiotic Catalyst

Probiotic Catalyst

Probiotic Catalyst is a symbiotic blend of microorganisms found in nature that allow to reverse and regenerate and degenerative processes. Added to Hemp Shiv, Natural Lime Binder and Water, Probiotic Catalyst allows to speed up the lime carbonation process, providing to the biocomposites, greater short-term mechanical resistance and shorter drying time. Furthermore, this composition allows to eliminate any mould problems in the slow drying phase of biocomposition as the probiotics present feed on the bacteria that give rise to moulds.

-Composition = - mineral salts - raw sugar cane molasses - water and microorganisms
-Present microorganisms = - non-pathogenic symbiotic bacterial cultures including lactic acid bacteria, photosynthesis bacteria and yeasts
-Environment = - completely biodegradable, it leaves no toxic or harmful residues for humans and the environment



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