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Natural Lime Plaster

Natural Lime Plaster

Natural Lime Plaster is a special plaster based on Wasselonne NHL-2 hydraulic lime, designed for the protection, recovery and restoration of masonry walls, even if heterogeneous, in brick, tuff rock and natural stone. It has a specific formula that makes it highly permeable to water vapour. It’s meant for filling, rendering, base coating and rustic finishes. Also suitable for new or old walls for both internal and external. Due to its properties and natural colouring, it is particularly compatible for use on historical and artistic buildings as well as for green building.


The substrates to be plastered must be stable, clean, consistent, free from weak parts, dust, bacterial proliferation, saline efflorescence, oils, greases, waxes, residues from previous processing, etc. If necessary, carry out a preventive cleaning of the substrate by pressure washing or sandblasting. The product can be mixed manually with an electric mixer at low speed, or applied by mechanical projection using plastering machines for premixed products. 

For manual applications, mix ICN by adding approximately 6.0-6.5 liters of clean water per 25kg bag in the cement mixer. First put the water in the concrete mixer, then add the powder and mix for about 2’-3’minutes, until a homogeneous and lump-free mixture is obtained. Apply the product with a trowel like a traditional plaster. The mixed product can be used within 3 hours of its mixing with water. The provision of corner protectors, splitting strips, level guides, etc. must be performed before applying the plaster layer on the entire wall. For mechanical projection applications, apply the product evenly, in a single layer, with a thickness between 10 and 20 mm. It is possible to overlap successive layers as ong as the previous layer is not yet completely dry. Subsequently, the plaster is leveled and finished through the use of an aluminum straightedge. Any burrs or excess material are eliminated by scraping and rubbing the surfaces. When the plaster must be carried out on uneven substrates or constructive changes, interpose in the plaster the glass fiber reinforcement mesh with ARMANET 10x10 anti-alkaline primer. The mesh must be extended approximately 30 cm beyond the discontinuity line between the materials and be applied in the thickness of the plaster and not in complete adherence to the masonry. The surfaces thus prepared are suitable for receiving finishing products.


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