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Natural Lime Binder

Natural Lime Binder


Natural Lime Binder a natural aerial binder without chemical or cement additives, meant for the preparation on-site of biocomposites belonging to the Hemplime Mix line, suitable for the restoration of historic buildings, renovations, new buildings and for the emerging need to build ‘Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings’ known as NZEB.


Natural Lime Binder s mixed with hemp shiv following specific ratios, thus creating ideal biocomposites for plasters, insulating walls, external insulation and substrates. Natural Lime Binder stabilises the hemp, which in turn, thanks to its silica component (about 5%), hydrolises the high content of aerial lime. Mixing both elements protects the biocomposite from fire, decomposition, or aggression by rodents and insects. The hemp enhances all the characteristics of natural lime by increasing its porosity, breathability, permeability to water vapour and the ability to manage the humidity in the living space. Hemp shiv also add workability and structural body, allowing to coat vertical walls with a single application of thermal plaster, for a thickness of 1 to 45cm.


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