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Natural Breathable Skim Coat

Natural Breathable Skim Coat

Natural Breathable Skim Coat is a mineral coating based on natural hydraulic lime, designed for the protection, recovery and restoration of smooth finishes and natural dehumidifying systems. It has a specific formula that makes it highly permeable to water vapour and adequate to obtain natural finishes with a sponged setting coat. Due to its properties and natural coloring it is particularly suitable for use on historical and artistic buildings as well as for green building.

Premixed mineral product based on natural hydraulic lime, selected and dosed calcareous aggregates and specific additives that improve its performance in terms of workability, breathability and adhesion to substrates.MIXINGMix a 25 kg bag of Natural Breathable Skim Coat in approximately 7.0-8.0 liters of clean water and mix with a low-speed mixer drill until a homogeneous and lump-free mixture is obtained. Let the dough rest for about 3 minutes and stir briefly before use. The mixture thus obtained can be used within 90 minutes of its mixing. The product can also be used advantageously by continuous plastering machines.


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