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Hemplime Mix

Hemplime Mix


Hemplime Mix is a low-density hemp and lime biocomposite that combines properties of insulation and thermal mass.

It is composed of hemp shiv (certified CenC) and hydrated dolomitic lime. 

Respecting the principles of social and environmental sustainability, it has all the characteristics required of a building material in line with sustainable development: high insulating capacity, low embodied energy and the ability to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.


• Thermal, acoustic and hygrometric comfort, 

Hemplime Mix is breathable (vapour permeable).

• Resistant to fire, frost, insects and rodents.

• Absence of toxic fumes in case of fire.

• Low embodied energy.

• Recyclable.


• Insulation of roofs, attics and lofts.

• Construction of insulating and breathable masonry walls.

• External wall insulation system for existing buildings.

• Internal wall insulation system for existing buildings.

• Subfloor insulation.


• The product is laid by casting it onto roof, floor screeds, attic, subfloor or into formwork.

• The product is delivered already mixed and ready for use in 2 cubic meter big bags.


  • Please review the product catalog and price sheet for product information

  • We offer quantities by pallet or truck load

*Shipping billed separately

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