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HBC Pozzolan Catalyst

HBC Pozzolan Catalyst

Pozzolan Catalyst was developed  by Hemp Building Company to speed up the initial setting time of hydrated lime. Pozzolan Catalyst consists of natural minerals that react with lime to accelerate setting time and maintain permeability allowing the lime to carbonate continuously.


For best results, it is strongly recommended to be used with the addition of our High Calcium Lime. 


Mix Ratio:

(1) 40 lb. bag of hemp : (1) 50 lb. bag of High Calcium Lime : (1) 6.5 lb. HBC Pozzolan Catalyst


One mix can yield up to 7 cubic feet.


Pozzolan Catalyst Benefits:

  • Proven to allow continuous carbonation of hydrated Lime (Calcium hydroxide) while speeding up the initial setting time.
  •  Reduction in the total amount of binder needed  per batch in comparison to other binders

  • Lower material density and weight reduction 

  • Produces a more porous mix and therefore an improvement of thermal effect and humidity regulation;

  • Quick initial setting time.

  • Unlimited shelf life.


Please inquire with us to learn more about our Hemplime Building Packages!

  • Please inquire for bulk orders.


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