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Hemp Shiv - Building Grade
  • Hemp Shiv - Building Grade

    Our building grade hurd is optimal for hemplime construction. Contains small, medium and large particles. The particle sizes vary between 3/64" - 1". This hurd is great for both cast-in-place or spray applied hemplime construction. This is the ideal hurd to use with our high calcium lime and HBC pozzolan admix.


    Mix Ratio:

    40lb bag Hemp Hurd : 50lb: High Calcium Lime : 6.5lb.bag of HBC Pozzolan Admix


    One mix can yield up to 7 Cubic Ft. 


    1 Pallet contains (30) 40lb bags of hemp hurd. Total weight is 1200lbs per pallet.


    Estimated lead time is 2-4 weeks after purchase


    Shipping will be billed separately after check out is complete.



    • Technical Specs

      Very low dust and bastfiber content.

      40lb. bags

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